Nationwide Homeschool Program up to 12th grade!

A nationwide homeschool program is an important factor in choosing how you will homeschool. Families do not plan on moving, but it happens. Our nationwide homeschool program does not require any school changes if the family should move. Online charter or online public schools are often limited to residency in a geographical area. Most homeschool associations are limited to a small geographical area.

If you are thinking of homeschooling or enrolling in an online school, take the time to read this page below so you can end your search! If you are not sure about homeschooling yet, click one of the pictures above to read our articles to see why so many homeschool!

This nationwide homeschool program is fully accredited by AdvancEd and Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Council on Accreditation and School Improvement (SACS CASI). This regional accreditation is a recognized accreditation by state departments of education. Also fully accredited by the National Association of Private Schools (NAPS). These accreditations and being enrolled in an online school help with the wide variety of district and state requirements in case you move.

Core Benefits:

Southeast Academy provides a 1st-12th grade nationwide homeschool program with an initial placement tool for a customized educational plan; 5-6 subject curriculum depending on grade level; course counselor; technical support; school communications; record keeping & reporting; semester report cards; annual achievement testing that is required in some states, and of course an accredited nationwide homeschool program. The placement tool is not a grade level admissions test, but a tool to see if there are any gaps that need repaired. In addition to these basics, 3rd-8th grades have additional services depending on which program is selected. High school students have access to all services available including teacher support.

Telephone consultations are always available for any academic, procedural, or record-keeping questions. Our records management includes taking care of the transfer of records from your previous school. Our Achievement testing can be done directly through our school. Most states that require testing allow this instead of testing at a local public school. Students are issued a school identification number for taking college entrance exams, financial aid, and college applications. Southeast Academy also provides upon request official school transcripts, graduation verification for employment applications, and G.P.A. verification for auto insurance. There is no extra cost for our high school honors program. Our Kindergarten is a learning to read program.

Nationwide Homeschool ProgramSee How We Compare:

Look at our Homeschool Program Strengths page to see how we compare to a popular article on titled: “Ten points to review before choosing a homeschool program.”

Curriculum Format:

Our nationwide homeschool program has an easy to use mastery-based curriculum with a Christian worldview to meet your need without missing gaps! PreK through 2nd grade use a colorful fun booklet format. 3rd-8th grades can choose between an online or combination online and booklet format for varying 3rd-8th grade needs. High school students use our award winning online structure with our “Elite” service, which frees up more time for parents! Thousands of multimedia features including digital tutors are available in our 3rd-12th grade online curriculum.

Financial Value:

Southeast Academy is one of the best financial values when considering services provided! Some homeschool programs may cost less, but they require more parent work and offer less benefits. Our nationwide homeschool program is lower than most comparable programs for services included! There are also tuition payment options to fit your family`s budget. Read some of our parents’ feedback to see why thousands of parents choose Southeast Academy!

Family Registration Fee and Tuition: A single family registration fee covers all siblings registered at the same time. This annual fee is usually waived in future years if the annual Student Update Form is submitted before the enrollment anniversary date. There are ten payments if choosing the monthly tuition payment option. There are some financial savings if choosing annual or semester tuition payments. There are sibling, military, and ministry discounts! In some cases, students may begin a second year of school in the same school year, but there is an additional tuition cost. Please contact us for an estimated cost. If a student completes the year’s schoolwork in less than ten months, the full year’s tuition is still required to cover curriculum and other expenses. Southeast Academy does offer a referral incentive that can greatly reduce tuition. Once enrolled, contact us to signup for our referral incentive.

How to Enroll:

Read the rest of this page, then look at our By Grade section for program features and tuition options that fit your needs, then complete the brief registration form under Admissions. The family registration fee of $125 is due with the registration form.  In the registration form, choose the day for school work to begin. Make your first tuition payment before the first day of school work. If needed, a verification of enrollment letter can be requested via our Contact page.

Accredited Homeschool Program:

Accredited Homeschool Program: Southeast Academy is not just a curriculum system that calls themselves a school! Southeast Academy is accredited by one of the five regional accrediting associations in the United States that are recognized by most state governments. We are accredited for all grade levels, not just some grades! We believe peer review from outside our organization is important. An educational team visits our school to evaluate all areas. It is basically an audit of educational and organizational practices, structure, procedures, and tools. Any school changes between visits must be reported to the accrediting body. Some accrediting associations do not visit the school, but regional accrediting associations do. Southeast Academy’s accredited homeschool program can be checked for status at AdvancEd’s “Find Accredited Schools” link (at the top). We also have full accreditation with NAPS, which can be checked on the National Association of Private Schools school list.

Grade Level Overview: 

The PreK through 2nd Grades:

This nationwide homeschool program uses colorful booklet curricula for these grades.Click here to Read More

3rd-8th Grades:

We are one of the few nationwide homeschool options (if not the only one) that offers a combination of online and booklet curriculum up to 8th grade! We offer these grade levels four different nationwide homeschool programs:Click here to Read More

High School:

High school is an accredited homeschool program that uses our online system with our most comprehensive Elite service to ensure the best success. Click here to Read More