Nationwide HomeschoolNationwide Homeschool Program

A Nationwide homeschool program can make the transition much easier if moving is ever required. Although families do not plan on moving, it happens.

What type of program is likely to have a nationwide homeschool program status?

  • A program for nationwide homeschooling normally does not have any local requirements such as parent meetings or other campus requirements.
  • A nationwide homeschool program or online Christian school already has students in all states. They are likely to have experience with state registration and testing requirements.
  • A nationwide homeschool program has one or more accreditations that are likely to be on the state’s list of recognized accrediting associations. This can affect the state or district student registration requirements in some situations. This can also affect whether course or subject credit can be transferred to another school within the state, especially in high school.

What are the accreditations that most school districts are familiar with or recognize?

Please read the Christian schools and accreditation. What does this mean for you? However, the five regional accreditations below are the most common.  They are combined together under Advanced Ed for looking up a program or school status. AdvancEd Joint K12 School Status Search for the Following Accreditations.

Is there a way to check state requirements in case we are using a program that is not recognized by a district or state?

Yes, you should check directly with the state’s Dept. of Education website AND local school district website. Some states may be structured so school districts have independent authority over requirements and procedures. Often the state Dept. of Education website will mention if you need to follow district procedures. You can find state links and other helpful information at State testing and registration requirements.

Even using a nationwide homeschool program may require you to register with the state or district. 

A few states will require a form to be filled out each year to register with the state or district. Some states require regular reporting such as annual achievement test results. Some nationwide homeschool programs such as Southeast Academy include at-home online achievement testing for this purpose. A couple states require an additional state achievement test to be completed for certain grade levels. Check State testing and registration requirements.


Why Use A Nationwide Homeschool?