It is because they are one of the few programs that meets or surpasses the article “TEN POINTS TO REVIEW BEFORE CHOOSING A HOMESCHOOL PROGRAM“.

One: This homeschool program has been in existence for 35 years helping parents educate their children.

Two: Accredited Nationwide Homeschool Program for all grades, not just some grades! They are not just a curriculum system that calls themselves a school! The homeschool program is accredited by one of the five regional accrediting associations in the United States that are recognized by most state governments. They are accredited for all grade levels, not just some grades! The homeschool program is fully accredited by AdvancEd and Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Council on Accreditation and School Improvement (SACS CASI). Also fully accredited by the National Association of Private Schools (NAPS). Transcripts are more readily accepted for transfer or at post-secondary schools. We believe peer review from outside the organization is important. An educational team visits the school to evaluate all areas. It is basically an audit of educational and organizational practices, structure, procedures, and tools. Any school changes between visits must be reported to the accrediting body. Some accrediting associations do not visit the school, but regional accrediting associations do.

Three: This nationwide homeschool is one of the few accredited options that offers a combination of booklet and online courses before high school. Some students may need a combination of booklet and online formats before going to an entirely online format. Booklet curriculum can offer a break in computer work their first year, plus offers more handwriting experience. A combination format is available for 3rd grade through 8th grade.

Four: Standardized achievement testing is available from the home. This prevents the student from testing in unfamiliar surroundings. The testing also helps schools monitor for success, weakness, and improvement of their program, so this homeschool program can be the best it can be. You should be concerned if the homeschool program or online school does not use assessment testing to measure achievement over the last year. As of last year, there were approximately 20 states that required an achievement test at some grade levels. A few states require parents to send results for certain grade levels. Using achievement testing does not mean they are aligning for common core standards!

Five: This nationwide homeschool program provides assistance with transferring records from the past school or developing an academic record if one is needed. They also offer an online parent portal where parents and students can view grade results and current grade point average, so there are no surprises at the end of a quarter, semester, or year.

Six: Some programs offer an academic adviser or counselor for course planning and advice, but places the academic help entirely on the parent. They have two teacher support options. Their Distinctive Service option for 3rd-8th grades provides teacher scoring where automatic computerized scoring cannot be done. This lower cost option saves the parent work! Occasional student work may require answers in sentence or essay format, which cannot be automatically scored by the system. Their Elite Service option also includes teacher scoring, plus offers academic concept help via the built-in messaging system and email. This is an essential program to free up more parent time! They include the Elite Service for high school to ensure success.

Seven: Their nationwide homeschool program offers PreK through 12th grade graduation. This gives families the opportunity to continue with procedures and structure they already know as their child advances. In tougher school districts, staying with the same homeschool program can make the annual homeschool registration process much easier. It also allows different aged siblings to be enrolled in the same program for efficiency and continuity.

Eight: Their homeschool program is available nationwide. If the family ever moves, it would not require any school changes. Once again, their regional accreditation is very helpful, because the accreditation is recognized nationwide. Online charter or online public schools are often limited to residency in a geographical area. Most homeschool associations are limited to a small geographical area.

Nine: They have worked with thousands of families from all over the United States. Their larger structure allows them to offer critical program options that smaller programs cannot offer. Many people in state departments of education have already heard of them.

Ten: Their nationwide homeschool program also offers sufficient high school lab work if the student might pursue a science-related field.  Lab kits are used with Integrated Physics and Chemistry (Physical Science), Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. Science labs can be one area that is more scrutinized by colleges or even when transferring to a different high school. Even some accredited programs do not offer enough hands-on experiments and lab work.

Additionally: Along with the ten points covered above, their program options are competitive or lower than similar options for services included! There are discounts for siblings, military, and ministry situations. Monthly, quarterly, semester, or annual payment options are provided for tuition. They offer year-round enrollment. Students can enroll anytime throughout the year. If needed, students can work through the summer to catch up or work ahead. Also, students can finish their year’s work early as an incentive. They use a learning to read kindergarten program. Their curriculum holds a inter-denominational Christian worldview. For several grade levels, a diagnostic exercise is done by the student when enrolling, so they can provide a customized educational plan.

Please review the overview for the specific grade you need from their By Grade menu, then submit a simple registration form with their Family Registration Fee. Their first tuition payment is due by the first day of school work. Please contact us them you have any questions!

Nationwide Homeschool Program