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There are quite a few perspectives, convictions, and preferences when it comes to the topic of homeschooling.

My wife and I have picked up a few things from being homeschool parents and also educators. All four of our children have gone to college, so we have some experience in that area as well. Yes, we homeschooled even though we were teachers! It wasn’t that we were “qualified” to homeschool, but that we did not like the impacts of negative peer pressure, lock-stepped academics used in classrooms, academic inefficiency of a campus school day, and over exposure to adults with different values.

You may see an underlying promotion by us of enrolling in a program rather than develop everything from scratch or using homeschool curriculum independently. Even though we realized the benefit of traditional homeschooling, we have followed the growth of homeschooling through a homeschool program or school for extra benefits. The benefits we see of enrolling through a school are not for social benefits, but are mainly for the following benefits:

  • Accreditation and credit acceptance
  • Achievement testing that keeps students in many states from having to go to a public school to test
  • School number for FAFSA, other college related needs, military
  • Reduced state requirements
  • Academic assistance when needed at higher grade levels or for when parents need a different person to assist with academic challenges
  • Cumulative folder development
  • Having someone outside the family that expects student work to be finished (important to reduce conflict)

We have experience with most of today’s popular curriculum. We also have experience administrating local homeschool associations.

We do not know everything, but want to share information from our experience.  We are still learning too.